The Giulio Romano’s Palazzo Ducale exhibition wants to be a great cultural event that shows to the world the exceptional nature of the historical figure of Raphael's most famous student and successor. Master of the Mannerism, Giulio Romano left in Mantua extraordinary proofs of his talent as a painter, architect and cultured man.

"Con nuova e stravagante maniera", with the prestigious collaboration of a renowned European institution as Musée du Louvre, represents an important chance for the city: we want to overtake the traditional temporary exhibition concept to bring together all the local productive resources around Palazzo Ducale and to improve the image of Mantua as a city of art in Europe and into the world.

Beyond its specific cultural importance, it is an opportunity to network together towards a single great goal of collective growth.

Peter Assmann
Direttore del Complesso Museale Palazzo Ducale di Mantova


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